4 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin In Winter


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From icy walkways to freezing temperatures, the months of snowy winter can be brutal. And, in most cases, the organ that takes most of the damage is your skin. For example, due to the dryness of the environment, your skin tends to get irritated quite often.

Unfortunately, only moisturizing it once in a while isn’t going to be enough for you. 

Like how you lead your life, you have to go an additional step to charm your skin and prepare it for the harshness of winter. Here are some tips that can help you with it.

Taking Care Of Your Skin In Winter

Skincare routines, as we know, are not limited to winter or any particular season. If you wish your skin to be healthy and youthful, you’ve got to show it care all year long.

However, when it comes to winter, you can still follow the same pattern for your skin care. Only this time, it must have a deeper moisturizing and nourishing tone. Ditch your regular products and buy skin care products in UAE that are suitable for winter.

Given below are four ways you can take care of your skin in winter and save it from the ravages of the harsh weather outside—

Calm Down Your Cleansing Process

The initial step in any effective skincare regimen is face washing. But as we enter yet another period of chilly weather and mask-wearing, the urge to lather up is even more crucial. 

To remove the day’s makeup and dirt, you should only wash your face once a day in the late afternoon. Put some of your mild moisturizers on damp hands to help you wake up in the morning if you need it. 

Then, rinse your hands off with warm water. The blood vessels are constricted and the skin is calmed by a chilly washing.

Moisturize Deeply

Imagine the epidermal skin cells as shingles on a roof that are kept together by a lipid-rich “glue” to keep them level, smooth, and in place. (Read about the anatomy of the skin.) When the adhesive becomes loose due to sun damage, excessive cleaning, scouring, or underlying medical issues, water loss increases. Roughness, flaking, itching, cracking, etc.

The first line of defense against dry skin is skin moisturizers. There are three primary categories of substances in them. Ceramides and glycerin are examples of humectants that aid in drawing moisture. Skin is smoothed by emollients such as lauric, linoleic, and linolenic acids. Petroleum jelly and moisturizing oils are some of the best (and least expensive) options.

ExfoliateYour Skin

Winter causes skin dryness. Skin dryness increases the number of dead cells on your skin. Now, these dead skin cells need to be removed for your skin to breathe and capture the nourishment from different skin products. 

You can use mild scrubs for your face and coarser ones for your body during winter. Make sure you use lukewarm water while rubbing scrubbers on your face. This helps your skin soften and opens up your pores for a deep cleaning purpose.

Another added benefit of using exfoliators during winter is promoting self-moisturization on your skin. When the pores open up on your skin, they release oils and sebum, which can help keep your face soft and supple naturally.

Use Natural Facepack

Winter is the time for some of the most delicious fruits. However, did you know you can use these luscious fruits on your skin to retain moisture and softness?

You can add avocados, yogurt and honey to make your own deep moisturizing mask at home. Another great option is a papaya and milk face mask. This mask helps remove dead skin from the face and neck regions while leaving your skin soothed and calm.

Another great face mask option for winter is the coffee and cocoa face mask. The right amount of caffeine in this mask helps your skin stay fresh and energetic even during the drowsy winters. It also stimulates blood flow and repairs your damaged skin.

Aloe vera face packs and rice flour face packs are also very common for a winter skincare regime. Finally, eat seasonal fruits and apply their goodness to your skin. This will help you rejuvenate from inside and out despite the deadly cold outside. 

Is Your Skin Ready For Winter?

Get up and get ready because winter is already here!

This is the season of celebrations and festivities and you surely don’t want your skin to look dull in those lovely pictures with your friends and family. 

So follow the tips mentioned above and start taking care of your skin right from the fall season to keep your natural glow alive all winter.