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Health Ambassadors Create Better Health

Mental health promotion ambassadors connect young families to wellness resources. They connect expectant mothers with wellness resources and provide presentations about a variety of topics. In addition to these benefits, Health Ambassadors are also important in the prevention of premature births, which is one of the leading causes of death among infants. The health and wellness of children and their parents is paramount. Health ambassadors also provide information on safe sleep and breastfeeding for infants.

Mental health promotion ambassadors promote healthier lifestyles

As a student at a community college or university, you can promote mental health and wellness among your peers. You can get involved in University Health Services’ presentation series on campus that features the ambassador’s personal story and a review of mental health resources and services. Besides helping your peers, you’ll also gain valuable leadership, public speaking, and marketing skills. What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with other students and network with them.

To become a Health Ambassador, you’ll need to complete training on a wide variety of health topics. The training course consists of educational activities, guest speakers, and a field trip. There is guidance provided to develop an outreach plan based on HEPA standards. Your outreach plan will be the most effective if it addresses the topics of the most concern to your community. By completing the training program, you’ll have the chance to share knowledge and educate your community about the importance of eating well and exercising.

The role of a health promotion ambassador is crucial. It guides the communities that serve it to provide services and help people lead healthier lifestyles. Some of these ambassadors include celebrities like Alisson Becker, the goalkeeper for Liverpool and Brazil’s national teams. In addition to athletes, a well-known entrepreneur has become a Mental health promotion ambassador. Bloomberg, a billionaire and former mayor of New York City, founded Bloomberg LP in 1981.

They connect pregnant women and young families to wellness resources

As a Wellness Advocate, you will help increase access to wellness resources for pregnant women and young families in your community. You don’t need to have a PhD or a law degree to become a Wellness Ambassador. Instead, you will need to be a leader in your area who can influence your colleagues and promote a holistic vision of wellness. Life & Work Connections provides ongoing training and support, early access to workshops and networking opportunities.

Health Ambassadors are trained professionals who work with high-risk zip codes to help families find and use wellness resources. They offer health education before pregnancy and provide information on key issues such as breastfeeding and safe sleep. Many of the ambassadors also educate parents about preventive measures to prevent premature birth, which is the number one cause of infant mortality. BHRS’s Office of Diversity & Equity oversees the Health Ambassador Program.

They provide presentations on a variety of topics

As an Ambassador, you are a trusted spokesperson for public health. In addition to providing educational and awareness presentations, you also participate in committee meetings and actively promote health-related benefits for your colleagues. For example, you may be asked to talk about COVID-19 to your colleagues or host a resource table at community events. You’ll be expected to share the latest health data with the audience.

Wellness Ambassadors serve as a liaison between various departments and UI Wellness to promote the liveWELL mission, which is all about creating a better life. Ambassadors also provide awards to colleagues who inspire others to lead healthy lifestyles. Ambassadors also earn the title of “Wellness Heroes,” which is awarded to an inspiring faculty member or staff member who helps promote wellness at the university.