Anti-ageing acne skincare among 2022 aesthetic treatment trends


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Advanced treatments that offer multiple skin and body benefits in one, including body sculpting with skin tightening, are in hot demand this year, according to leading aesthetic doctors. 

One of the leading trends in cosmeceutical skincare, for example, is acne treatments that also have anti-ageing benefits, said dermatologist Stefanie Williams, speaking at the Facial Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition (FACE) 2022 in London on June 17–18.

Acne and anti-ageing

Williams said that for skincare demands, people are increasingly after treatments that tackle adult acne while also having anti-ageing ingredients. The wearing of masks could be partially responsible for the rise in demand of people seeking out acne treatments, with adults who might not usually experience acne suffering from ‘maskne’, she commented.

Williams also said that the interest in anti-ageing ingredients could be due to a gap in the market – as many acne treatments are targeted towards teenagers and younger skin, and so do not cater to older skin looking for anti-ageing properties.

Skin tightening combined with shaping

When it comes to body devices, American dermatologist Michael Gold said that fat loss on its own simply isn’t enough. Gold said people are looking for a treatment where the device will not only help fat loss, but also tone and tighten the skin at the same time.

Gold noted that the demand for body contouring and fat-loss treatments has increased dramatically post lockdown, with people having eaten more and moved less while being stuck in the house.

Particular devices that Gold mentioned that are making waves in the industry include Evolve by InMode, a hands-free thermal body device, and SculpSure, a non-invasive body-contouring system that aims to reduce stubborn fat. 

Filler beyond volume

In terms of trends for dermal filler, aesthetic physician Uliana Gout said clients are looking to reap the extra benefits that fillers can offer, to give them a boost after the pandemic.

She explained that it is crucial clients understand the benefits of dermal fillers aside from just adding volume. Post-lockdown, she said, people are looking to improve the overall quality of the skin and dermal fillers are a great way to do this.

“People want to improve skin quality; they don’t always know fillers can do that. This is what I think we can offer patients, we have to tell them ‘You’re getting so much more than just beautiful lips, you are getting a whole plethora of benefits: thickening, tightening and encapsulation.”

Coming out of the pandemic has seen an increase in first-time clients looking for aesthetic treatments to reduce the visable signs of stress and anxiety brought on by Covid-19.