Ashley Reeves Continues to Work Despite Her Injuries


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Ashley Reeves Continues to Work Despite Her Injuries

Ashley Reeves suffered traumatic brain injuries during a car accident in 2007. Moreover, she also suffered a fractured neck. However, she did not let her injuries stop her from pursuing a career and family. She has two children and a busy schedule. She has overcome a lot of odds and continues to work despite her injuries.

traumatic brain injury

The traumatic brain injury in Ashley Reeve’s case is nothing short of horrific. She was attacked by a student at a gym class in her middle school. The girl was in a fight with the student, and she was attacked multiple times, breaking her neck. The attacker then confessed to the crime, telling police he attacked her and left her for dead. Reeves was not able to remember anything about the days leading up to the attack and subsequently had to relearn how to move her limbs.


Ashley Reeves was a teenager when she was attacked. She was strangled three times and the attacker assumed she had died. When she was found, Ashley was barely conscious and only moved her chest. Initially, doctors feared she would be paralyzed. Fortunately, she survived and has been an inspiration to many since. She has overcome many hurdles, including learning to walk, talk, and swallow again.

insect bites

Ashley Reeves’ insect bite injuries have left many people wondering if she was really dead. Ashley was found in freezing soil, covered with hundreds of insect bites. When she was found, she had barely been able to move her hands and her tongue was sticking out of her mouth. Detectives feared that she had been murdered by a high school teacher. Ashley was put into an induced coma and spent months in the hospital recovering from her injuries.

ejection from car after sex

Ashley Reeves was ejected from a car after an alleged sex assault involving a male driver. Reeves and her attacker were friends and spent time together in a gym class. During a night out, Reeves’ boyfriend unbuckled her seat belt and allegedly tried to throw her out of the car. However, Reeves heard a popping sound and was dragged into a park. Reeves was found clinging to life.

Assassination attempt

Ashley Reeves’ injuries from an assassination attempt are very real, even though she was only 16 at the time. It’s a tragedy because this young woman was trying to escape a toxic relationship with a teacher, but her attacker acted violently and killed her. Reeves, who was previously unmarried, was left unable to walk or talk. As a result, she had to spend a lot of time learning how to walk and communicate again.

Family’s approval of plea deal

After Ashley Reeves’s attempted murder, her family approved a plea deal. The defendant pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder and was sentenced to twenty years in jail. The family approved the deal because Ashley was so traumatized by her injuries.

Photos of injuries

Ashley Reeves was a bright high school junior when she was assaulted. She was supposed to arrive home at 10 p.m. that night, but was nowhere to be seen. Her parents called police. They first talked to her sweetheart, Sam Shelton, who told them she was the last person to see Ashley alive.