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When choosing a fashion nails spa, you should always consider the quality, service and style
of the nail salon
. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
When you want to pamper yourself, look no further than the manicure and pedicure services at
Style Nails Spa. They specialize in incorporating the latest in nail care technology into their
services, including no-chip gel manicures. If you’re looking for a more casual setting, try their

“spontaneous” nail art. Their nail art reflects a fun, artistic approach to nail care. The style-
conscious atmosphere encourages spontaneity and accepts all major credit cards.

Located in Bensalem, PA, Style Nails Spa offers high-quality services to its customers. The
company was founded in 2004 and has been in the business of providing quality nail
treatments for nearly 10 years. The company currently has two employees and generates an
estimated $39,274 per year in sales. If you’d like to make an appointment with Style Nails Spa,
be sure to visit them at 1014 E Manchester Ave during business hours.
The staff at Style Nails Spa is friendly, welcoming, and highly knowledgeable about the latest
trends in beauty. The nail technician will discuss your options with you and explain what
products are recommended for you. A good way to treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure is with
a gift certificate. There are many options to choose from, including gift certificates, but if
you’re on a budget, a money-off voucher will do.
There are many advantages to visiting a quality fashion nails spa, but not all nail salons
provide the same high-quality service. A good one offers a variety of services for an affordable
price. You can walk-in or schedule an appointment with the owner, and it accepts most major
credit cards. In addition, the salon is located in a prime area for cyclists and pedestrians. In
addition, the establishment also offers a snack bar, which makes it a perfect destination after a
long bike ride.
Another great nail salon is Akiko Nails, which is Japanese-inspired. This salon creates legit
works of art on its customers’ nails. The staff uses different color palettes and styles for each
customer, and you can expect to walk out with an artistically designed mani. There are
massage rooms and a bar, and you will receive a full range of services. You can even choose
to have your nails shaped by the owner himself.
If you’re looking for a spa that offers professional nail services at a reasonable price, consider
Fashion Nails and Spa. They accept walk-ins and major credit cards. This location is
convenient for cyclists and provides a quick bite to eat after your manicure. Fashion Nails is a
great place to get your hands on some new nail designs. A few of the services offered by the
salon include waxing and French manicures.
Spa manicures are different from regular manicures because they include neck massages,
warm tea, and a comfortable robe. Prices can vary based on location and the type of service
you get. Expect to spend between $30 and $70 for a basic manicure and more expensive
treatments that include a mask treatment and gel application. If you want to spend more
money, you might consider a service that includes both a manicure and pedicure.
Fashion Nails & Spa is located in Cebu City and offers a range of nail services to suit every
customer. They accept walk-ins and appointments for most services. The salon is equipped
with a spacious lounge, where you can relax with a good selection of music. The staff is
professional and has light yet skilled hands. The prices are competitive and you can easily pay
using cash or credit card. The salon also offers nail treatments that will leave you feeling
relaxed and refreshed.

Before you visit Fashion Nails & Spa, make sure you check their license. They should have a
public license and be able to display it upon request. Make sure you check the license as this
is different from a cosmetologist’s license and other similar licenses. If they refuse to provide
it, this is a red flag. A license is a document that proves the nail technician has the necessary
skills and experience to provide nail services.

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