Esthetician Jobs Near Me


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Esthetician Jobs Near Me

There are several different places that you can look for an Esthetician job. In New Braunfels, TX, there may not be many, but there are still plenty of other places that you can look for. The Soothe Network, Continuum Medical Staffing, and Certification are three of the main options that you should consider. If you are interested in working as an Esthetician in New Braunfels, TX, consider finding a job in another nearby city.

Soothe Network

Working from home as an esthetician on Soothe’s on-demand platform allows you to make money without having a traditional office. This on-demand platform connects you directly to clients and pays you more than the industry standard for services. Not only do you get to work at your own time, but you also have the flexibility to choose which clients you want to work with. Just be sure to be safe and secure and never provide your credit card number or social security number over the Internet or through your phone.

Soothe connects licensed professionals to their clients, making it easy to run a successful salon and spa. With Soothe’s app, you can schedule appointments and book them with a single tap. In addition to booking clients directly through the app, Soothe also provides you with support via phone, text, and email. Soothe also offers exclusive access to continuing education opportunities and a community of other wellness professionals.

Continuum Medical Staffing

Are you an experienced esthetician looking for a job in a new field? If so, Continuum Medical Staffing has 21 esthetician jobs near me for you to choose from. You will perform treatments on clients, such as waxing and facials, and apply make-up. You’ll prepare treatment rooms and assess the client’s skin to determine the best products for the job.

Continuum Esthetics

If you are looking for a new career, you’ll want to consider a career in the beauty industry. Estheticians perform procedures to revitalize skin and maintain its health. In most U.S. jurisdictions, estheticians must have a state-issued license to practice. Continuum Esthetics offers esthetician jobs near me. Read on to learn more about these careers and how to get started.

Jessica Fechner, who recently transitioned into a medical spa, is eager to learn about this career path. Previously, she worked in sales and management within the aesthetics industry. She is passionate about skin care and wants to ensure that each patient has an incredible transformation. She has an Esthetics license from the Spa Tech Institute in December 2020 and has refined her skills in advanced aesthetic techniques.


The first step in pursuing a career as an esthetician is getting the proper training. You will need a high school diploma or GED to enroll in an esthetician school. After you have earned your certification, you can choose to go on to a post-secondary program to advance your education. Some programs are accredited by the National Accreditation Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences, which assures the program meets the necessary standards to obtain licensure.

There are many esthetician jobs in New York State. Many of the top beauty schools in the country are located here, and the city and upstate regions have plenty of salons and spas to choose from. Some estheticians may be interested in working in hospitals or oncology skin care specialists. Regardless of the location, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for advancement. Listed below are some common opportunities.


There are many ways to earn a high salary as an esthetician. You can work in skincare salons or medical spas, or you can opt to work at a dermatologist’s office. Aestheticians in dermatologist’s offices can earn upwards of $43,800 per year. Other opportunities are available at upscale salons and spas where you can enjoy luxury treatments like aromatherapy, body wraps and trendy facials.

The salary of an esthetician in a New York salon is significantly higher than in a typical city. The salary of a licensed esthetician in Brooklyn, NY is between $16,916, and more. Esthetician jobs near me in Brooklyn are more in demand than ever before. ZipRecruiter scans millions of active jobs to find the best jobs for estheticians in Brooklyn. You can get started on the road to a lucrative career by filling out an ad today!