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Fernando Tatis Jr Injury Update

After missing most of the offseason, Fernando Tatis Jr. will hopefully be back in the field in July. The left-handed hitting shortstop broke his left wrist during a motorcycle accident in December and had surgery to repair the fracture on March 16. The Padres hope to see Tatis swinging a bat again after a CT scan next week. During his recovery, he is expected to miss two to three months.

scaphoid injury caused by lack of blood flow

After a motorcycle accident in December, Tatis Jr. was diagnosed with a fracture to his scaphoid bone. The team learned about the fracture only after the lockout ended in March. It turned out to be a delayed union fracture, which occurs due to a lack of blood flow. Tatis said that he has been experiencing discomfort in the area and will be sidelined until he has a proper examination.

While the team is still evaluating the nature of the injury, Tatis is expected to be out for at least three months. If the injury is completely healed, Tatis could begin swinging a bat again after a month. However, his return date has been pushed back until mid-July. Tatis was placed on the 60-Day injured list for the duration of his recovery.

The Padres are going to be without Tatis for a significant period of time this season. The shoulder labral tear has re-dislocated five times. He’s had shoulder surgery before, but opted to skip it during the lockout. Despite the lingering injury, Tatis is considered one of the best players in the game when healthy. However, the team is still looking for another corner outfielder to fill Tatis’ spot.

Injuries are not uncommon in baseball, but Tatis Jr.’s was a freak accident. He injured himself while doing splits. While covering second base, Tatis was trying to stay on his right foot as he stretched to catch a high throw. He was unable to stay in that position and went to the clubhouse for observation. At 12:51 a.m. ET, the Padres announced that Tatis has a subluxated shoulder and will be out for up to three months. However, they are not ruling out surgery and expect him to be back on the field within a few weeks.

A.J. Preller announced that Fernando Tatis Jr. is going to undergo shoulder surgery today. The team has barred Tatis from speaking to the media during the lockout. As for the cause of Tatis’ injury, it was a lack of blood flow to the arm. Tatis said he fell off his motorcycle several times during the offseason and did not feel right.