Galaxy Nails and Spa – Things I Didn’t Like About This Salon


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If you’re looking for a salon that offers all-natural treatments, consider Galaxy Nails and Spa.
The salon offers a range of services from pedicures to manicures. Manicures are ideal for
summer, and Galaxy has sugar scrubs and warm oils to pamper you. Other services include

marine mineral masks and oxygen infusion. You can even opt for galvanic treatments and anti-
aging proton therapy. Listed below are some of the things that I didn’t like about this salon.

Hair removal appointment at Galaxy Nails and Spa
If you’re looking for a nail salon in Nanuet, NY, look no further than Galaxy Nails and Spa.
They offer various beauty treatments, including nail care and epilation. In addition to these
services, they also offer haircuts, skincare, and massage. If you’re looking for hair removal in
the area, you’ve come to the right place! These experts are trained and licensed in the field of
Disrespectful staff at Galaxy Nails and Spa
The staff at Galaxy Nails and Spa are friendly and professional, but the male with a tear tattoo
is very disrespectful. He was yelling when I approached him and yelled back when I
complained. I also did not like the way he shook my hand and told me I needed to get out. This
happened several times. Disrespectful service is not the standard at a nail salon, but I would
definitely recommend it.
Disposable pedicure jets at Galaxy Nails and Spa
Disposable pedicure jets are becoming popular in nail salons across the country. Among the
first salons in Overland Park to make the switch is Luxe Nail Spa. The disposable pedicure jet
was developed by Contego Spa Designs, and its two jet tubes are disposed of after each use.
The pedicure jet is a good option if you are concerned about the spread of infectious diseases
during pedicure.