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Games Online – Discover Popular Genres

If you are looking for games online, there are several different types available. From word-based party games like Codenames to action-packed RPGs like Final Fantasy, there are plenty of options. You can even play games like Warframe or Dota 2, which are top-down arena battlers. Regardless of the genre you choose, you will likely find a game to suit your taste and your mood. Read on to discover a few of the most popular games available.

Codenames is a word-based party game

Developed for up to four players, Codenames is an award-winning word-based party game that requires a minimum of four. The game features two teams – a red team and a blue team – each with a spymaster and guesser. The goal of the game is to name as many words from the colour list as possible before the other team does. Depending on your level of skill, the game can be played democratically or competitively.

Final Fantasy 14 is an action RPG

If you are a fan of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series, you should consider playing Final Fantasy 14 online. This RPG game is set in the fictional world of Hydaelyn, and its game mechanics include the creation of a character, fighting monsters and leveling up. The game also includes team play and cooperative play, allowing players to join a guild and help each other defeat enemies.

Dota 2 is a top-down arena battler

Dota 2 is a free-to-play PC top-down arena battler. Players choose one of over 120 heroes and earn skill points. These points are used to upgrade their abilities and purchase new ones. As players progress through the game’s levels, they can add hero items to their characters. Hero items can be purchased with the currency earned from defeated enemies and neutral monsters. They can also increase the health and damage of their heroes by equipping them with different gear.

Warframe is a first-person shooter

If you’re looking for an exciting new game to play, Warframe is the right choice. This fast-paced game plays in third-person, and the characters are aggressive and powerful. While you’ll earn in-game currency, the game does encourage you to move around freely. Be sure to avoid getting stuck behind cover objects. The game features a large number of customization options, including skins and weapons.

Tank Mayhem is a fun tank shooting game

For those who love tanks, Tank Mayhem is the perfect game for you. This online game lets you choose between many different tanks and battle them through various levels. Different types of tanks can work through different types of terrain and can withstand massive attacks. You can choose from a variety of different tank types, from light and airborne vehicles to large, heavy tanks. It will be easy to see why this game is a favorite of tank fans.

World of Tanks is a Call of Duty game

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online shooter that offers tons of different options for customization. Players can choose from different vehicles and maps and can even purchase pre-designed slogans and camouflage. The game is set in various locations across the world, each with its own characteristics and features. You can also create your own clan and play with the members of your team or against each other.