How to Safely Use Prescription Sleep Medication


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About 35% of adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep. Are you one of them?

A lack of sleep can lead to health problems and an overall inability to function. If you can’t sleep, it’s time to seek medical help. Prescription sleep medication is one option.

We’re here to talk about how to use prescription sleeping tablets safely. Read on to learn more. 

Only Take Medication Prescribed to You

When people are desperate for sleep, they may try to find sleep medication without the help of a doctor. While over-the-counter medications can help with sleep, people with serious insomnia may not get much use out of them. If they don’t have a doctor, they may try to find medication illegally.

Do not do this. You should always ask a doctor first so they can assess your health and find sleep meds that are right for you. You could be putting yourself in danger otherwise.

While getting legal prescriptions can be expensive, you can save money by looking for a discount prescription online from a reputable site.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions 

Your doctor will tell you how to take your medication in a safe way. They’ll recommend a dosage and how long you should be taking the sleeping pills.

Always follow what your doctor says. If your sleeping pills aren’t working, contact your doctor for another appointment so you can change medications or dosages if necessary.  

Do Not Drink Alcohol While Taking Sleeping Pills

Alcohol should not mix with prescription sleeping medication. This is a dangerous combination that could lead to serious health complications. 

If you plan on drinking heavily, you should also plan on not taking your sleeping pill that night. 

Take Them Right Before Bed

Many people are surprised at how fast certain sleeping medications work. If you’re starting a new sleeping pill, take it right before bed unless otherwise advised by your doctor.

Some sleeping medications take a while to kick in, so taking it an hour or so before bed is no big deal. Others are almost immediate. If you have the latter, it can be unsafe to take them too early.

Do not take a sleeping pill before you have to do anything important, like driving. On that note, if you are woken up in the middle of the night, do not do anything difficult or important. The sleeping pill will still be in your system even if you are awake and you won’t be as alert.

Avoid Using Long-Term

Sleeping pills, in most cases, are for short-term use. People can build dependencies on sleeping medications. If they build a dependency, they can experience withdrawal when they stop using the medication. 

Sleeping pills should be used as needed while you and your doctor assess the underlying issue behind your sleep problems. There are a few exceptions to this, but you will need to discuss those with your doctor.

Prescription Sleep Medication Can Be Safe

While there are hazards involving prescription sleep medication, it can be safe as long as you use it responsibly. You deserve to get a good night’s sleep. If you’re struggling, speak to a doctor about your sleep aid options today.

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