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A Japanese Head Spa treatment is an excellent way to reset the scalp’s natural balance.
Combined with microscopic scalp analysis, pre-treatment organic scalp detox, micro mist
steam, and shiatsu scalp massage, this treatment will unclog pores, exfoliate the scalp, and
stimulate growth. This service is available at many locations, and the 5-step process includes
a shiatsu scalp massage.
Josiane Laure Head Spa
The Josiane Laure Head Spa uses an innovative blend of plant-based treatments,
aromatherapy, and Oriental energy ‘Qi’ to enhance your hair, scalp, and skin. It focuses on
scalp and hair care with a customized regimen formulated for each individual. The treatment
involves scalp massages, herbal aromatherapy, steam therapy, and sleep therapy. During the
treatment, you’ll enjoy a private room with a shampooing bed and a head massage. The hair
therapist will use a microscope to analyze your scalp and hair condition and select essential
oils to enhance the effect.
After many years in the beauty industry, Josiane Laure realised that she had a future in plants
and flowers, and wanted to share her passion for flowers and plants with others. Josiane
Laure’s approach was inspired by Chinese medicine, and her holistic methods have a distinctly
Chinese flavour
. Her techniques are aligned with the principles of Chinese medicine and use
colour and tone mapping to treat each individual’s specific needs.
Masa Kanai
If you’ve ever wondered about the benefits of “head spa” treatments, you’re not alone. There
are many reasons why this Japanese-influenced beauty method is so effective, including the
stimulation of blood flow and balancing of scalps. But why do people go to a head spa? Read
on to discover the benefits of this head massage technique and find out if it’s right for you.
For a full treatment, try a Masa Kanai Japanese head spa near you. This hair salon in New
York City is recommended by the TV show “What’s Wellness,” where Ella Dove visits a
Japanese head spa to get a full cure. A one-hour head spa treatment includes acupressure,
massage, and masks. While the whole process sounds like something you’d have at home, it’s
not cheap.
Head Spa Kuu
The benefits of Japanese Head Spa are numerous. This style of massage draws on the ancient
techniques of Ayurvedic medicine and is considered the oldest holistic form of health care. It
helps promote healthy hair and scalp and can even help treat inflammatory conditions such as
acne and psoriasis. The treatment is a great way to boost your mood and mental clarity.
Another benefit is the fact that it gives you a natural face lift.
The treatments are performed in private rooms, each with its own fragrance, design, and
soundscape. You can choose a Premium Head Spa 90-minute session for a generous 90
minutes of bliss. If you have more time, you can also opt for the 120-minute Premium Head
Spa-Plus, which will leave you utterly relaxed. The Premium Head Spa-Plus treatment also
comes with additional services such as neck and shoulder massages, facial eye care, and a
complimentary small bottle of Nomu Silica water.
The Japanese Head Spa Kuu follows strict Covid-19 hygiene measures to keep you safe and
healthy. They disinfect their hands on entry and require clients to wear face masks during their
head spa treatment. After a treatment, a new mask is provided. The doors to the private rooms
are kept closed with a curtain and are kept closed during consultation. It is important to wash
your hands after every treatment to prevent cross contamination. You should also keep your
eyes closed, especially if you are sensitive to the smell of perfumes and chemicals in the
In Chinese, the technique is known as ‘Zhu Shi Hui She Kong’. Other names for the procedure
include Da Ban Shi Bei Qu She Chang, Jiu Bao Long Tai Lang, and Wan Quan Ge Shi Xing.

Chinese patients have reported that the treatment leaves them feeling rejuvenated and
relaxed. And the results are noticeable! There are many benefits to Japanese Head Spa. You
will be glad you did.

If you’re looking for a relaxing Japanese head massage, look no further than a Goku-NO-
KIMOCHI Japanese head spa near me. The founder of the brand, Takao Kimochi, created his

signature technique with input from leading health professionals in Japan. The resulting
treatment involves precise pressure applied to the head and scalp in a way that releases
tension and promotes relaxation
. After undergoing a Goku-NO-KIMOCHI Japanese head
massage, clients say they wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and their experience
leaves them feeling renewed and euphoric.
The name “Goku-NO-KIMOCHI” comes from a Chinese legend about the Monkey King Sun
Wukong. As a result of achieving Buddhahood, Goku’s golden circlet falls off, granting him
peace and harmony. This philosophy of “goku-no kimochi” has remained popular, inspiring
several Japanese head spas to follow suit.
Those who live in Tokyo and Kyoto can visit a Goku-NO-KIMOCHI Japanese head spa near me
by booking an appointment online. The head spa is open for both Japanese and foreigners and
can also be found near many other Kyoto-area spas. The price range will vary, depending on
what type of service you are interested in. But it is well worth the time spent!