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Jing Spa is located on Manchester Rd in Ballwin, Missouri.  It serves Ballwin and surrounding communities in the St. Louis region.  It is a clean and newly remodeled spa with high standards of cleanliness to protect its customers and staff.
The term Asian massage refers to any touch-therapeutic massage that originated from the philosophies of Chinese and other Asian healing disciplines.  This type of massage treats all conditions such as stress, fatigue, injury, joint pain, muscle pain, tension, anxiety, digestive disorders, respiratory illnesses, and various other physical and psychological ailments.  This therapy helps you by stimulating your body’s self-healing capabilities and also by improving your general well-being.  These are just some of the many benefits of Asian massage and therapeutic massage that you will enjoy when you are avail of this type of massage.  But before we get into that, let us first look at the causes and cures of these ailments.
One of the primary reasons massage therapy is beneficial for the human body is that it increases blood flow to all of our organs and glands, which helps heal and prevent several ailments.  When blood flow is improved, oxygen and nutrients are carried through the body faster, leading to an overall increase in energy levels and an increased sense of well-being.  In addition to this, a healthy and complete immune system is developed and maintained.  And, if you suffer from chronic conditions, massage therapy can also help with pain relief and inflammation.  These are just a few of the diseases that can be cured by massage therapy.
Now let’s look at the benefits of Asian massage about other forms of therapy.  Many people make the mistake of assuming that Asian medicine is like acupuncture, a form of traditional Chinese medicine.  However, while acupuncture relies on the balance of energy within the body to treat ailments, Asian treatment revolves around the meridians and channels of energy throughout the body.  When the proper flow of energy is disrupted due to stress, poor nutrition, or other conditions, you can find that your body has problems coping with the disease and may respond in ways that are not always pleasant.  Asian medicine, therefore, tends to target the imbalances in the energy channels and promotes healing and recovery by targeting the affected areas of the body.
This locally owned business recently celebrated its first anniversary after opening the company during the pandemic.