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La Fleur Spa in West Hollywood
If you’re looking for a day of pampering, look no further than the La Fleur Spa in West
Hollywood. With its Float Tank, Massage options, Pedicure chair, and other amenities, La Fleur
offers an exceptional day of relaxation
. Read on to learn about their certifications and the
benefits of a relaxing day at La Fleur Spa. You’ll soon wonder how you survived without one.
Whether you’re a first-timer or a regular visitor, this spa has something to offer you.
Float tank
In addition to providing physical benefits, the floating experience also provides mental and
emotional relief
. It is said to address the root cause of many ailments, including stress. By
allowing you to relax completely in an environment free of distractions, float tanks allow you to
heal the mind as well as the body. This treatment helps alleviate abstract mental problems and
shifts in brain chemistry. Many people find flotation therapy to be an effective way to relieve
physical and mental pain.
One of the unique features of La Fleur Spa is its unique sensory deprivation tank.
It is the only
float tank in the world certified as being clean and hygienic. Floating is an organic way to
cleanse the mind and body by removing all external stimuli and creating a zero-gravity
experience. The float tank is surrounded by blue mosaic tiles and soundproofing techniques to
ensure complete relaxation.
Massage options
If you have a spa, you’ll know that La Fleur provides excellent massage chairs. These chairs
have a shiatsu roller back system that feels like strong hands are rolling and kneading over
your body. These massage chairs also feature a backrest that features an IDJet whirlpool
system that circulates water to massage your back. You can also choose between
compression, rolling, and percussion massages.
The massages at La Fleur de Belle Day Spa include a Swedish-inspired full body massage
using soft, long strokes. Other options include the Bamboo Fusion Massage, which uses
smooth bamboo sticks to work out your muscles and flush toxins. Hot Stone Massages
combine heated volcanic lava rocks with aromatherapy oils to relax the muscles and reduce
inflammation. While many people enjoy a relaxing massage,
not everyone has time to get a full
body massage.
La Fleur is a luxury day spa with an efficient booking system and friendly staff. You can
schedule your massage appointments in advance, and a variety of facials are available.
Massages performed by Julie are the best in town. You can even book a private couples
massage session at La Fleur De Beaute. The hotel has a parking lot, and you can park your
car at the property. If you have a business meeting, you can relax and recharge by taking
advantage of the spa’s express services.
Pedicure chair
The La Fleur 3 Pedicure Chair comes in two models and uses a superior Shiatsu massage
system designed by Gulfstream. The chair’s S-Track roller system mimics the shape of the
human spine, moving up and down the back. The rollers have different pressures that work on
different parts of the body, including the neck and lower back. The chair also has a roller
system for the mid-back and tailbone. This massage function also uses kneading and
compression to provide relief and relaxation.
Gulfstream’s La Fleur 3 Pedicure Spa Chair was upgraded from its previous model, the La
Fleur 2. The new model has a stylish new footrest that raises the client’s feet while providing
an elevated treatment area. A retractable spray head is located outside the technician’s
working area. This model is certified to meet CSA, UL, Boston MA, and IAPMO standards. The
chair also comes with a magnetic locking system, making it easy to store.
The La Fleur 3 is equipped with an exhaust system to ensure that the spa environment
remains hygienic. This device can provide up to 50 cfm of exhaust per station. This model is

also equipped with an adjustable armrest and comes in black, burgundy, and curry. The chair
comes with a three-year parts-only warranty on the shell. This model also features an
integrated remote control and adjustable armrests.
The La Fleur Spa provides the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The cleanjet tub provides a
hygienic environment that allows for a relaxing pedicure. It also offers hydrotherapy benefits to
swollen ankles. Its upholstery is soft and resembles leather, a great accent to any decor. If
you’re looking for a pedicure chair, look no further than this one.
The La Fleur 4 pedicure chair offers a luxurious massage experience for your clients. The
chair features a built-in massage system and IDJet whirlpool technology. The chair has a
swivel base and a stylish, upholstered head that elevates the client’s feet. You can choose
from four acrylic color options for the base and side inserts. The La Fleur 4 pedicure chair is
equipped with a shiatsu roller back massage system.
A La Fleur 4 spa base is 57 inches long, 27.5 inches wide, and 17.5 inches high. The unit
weighs about 120 pounds without massage chairs. The height of the chair varies depending on
the model. Gulfstream Spas’ La Fleur 4 spa is certified to CSA, UL, Boston MA, and Los
Angeles CA standards. Listed below are some of the features and benefits of La Fleur’s spa
Looking for the hours of La Fleur Spa? Check out their website or call them to schedule an
appointment. Their friendly staff is ready to help you look your best. Whether you’re interested
in relaxing and rejuvenating yourself or indulging in a relaxing spa treatment, La Fleur offers a
variety of services.
You can also pay with cash or use a credit card to pay for your treatments.
They accept major credit cards.
The day spa also offers massage services. The Swedish massage utilizes long, gentle strokes
to treat the entire body. A Bamboo Fusion Massage uses smooth bamboo sticks to flush toxins
from the muscles. Guests can also opt for a Hot Stone Massage using heated volcanic lava
stones. The heat from these rocks relieves muscle tension and inflammation. La Fleur Day Spa
offers several types of massages. To find out more about their hours of operation, please call
them today.

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