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The Latest MLB The Show Roster Update

The latest MLB the show roster update landed on Monday, and there’s some good news. Manny Machado and Josh Bell have both increased their rating by two points, and Jose Ramirez is now on the list of available players with at least one RBI. Manny Machado, who was previously listed at 79, is now up to 82, with a minor boost to his pitching attributes.

Josh Bell jumps from 79 to 82

There isn’t much to get excited about for the 2019 season in Philadelphia. The Phillies have been focusing on making sure that their core players stay healthy and bolstering their lackluster bullpen, which has led to one of the worst records in the 2020 season. Meanwhile, the Pirates have lost their best player, Josh Bell. This means that both teams will be looking to improve their lineups in the coming season.

While the Rays lost their ace in the World Series last year, they are still considered the best team in the American League. Their overall rating is likely to be higher in MLB The Show 21, as they are the defending champions. Meanwhile, the Rangers were hit by a free agency scandal, but they still have enough talent to compete. Josh Bell is just one of many players on the MLB the show roster.

Manny Machado jumps from 79 to 82

Manny Machado is a very good option to have in your lineup for the upcoming season. His two-point boost in the recent MLB The Show roster update is due in large part to a recent season where he hit 31 home runs. In addition to hitting well, he is also adding 22 RBIs to his tally. With this kind of stat line, he is a clear contender for the NL MVP.

Manny Machado gets a two-point rating boost

After a fluky statistical year, Manny Machado gets a boost in MLB The Show’s latest roster update. The NL MVP favorite leads the league in hits and runs scored, and a two-point rating increase is in order for the Red Sox slugger. While Machado is still a wild card, he will get the biggest boost in the next few days if the Marlins can’t win the World Series.

As far as players go, there are a couple of standouts. Aaron Judge continues to have an MVP-type season, and his player rating has increased by two points to 91. Judge leads the majors with 12 home runs, and he was previously rated 89. Nolan Arenado is another player who saw an increase in his player rating this week, going from 90 to 91.

Jose Ramirez has 32 RBIs in 18 games

The Cleveland Guardians have added a grand slam and a RBI double to Jose Ramirez’s season tally. The third baseman has 32 RBIs in 18 games and has been a key part of the team’s success this season. While Olson was able to reach the triple digits last season, Ramirez is off to an even better start.

The rookie slugger’s batting average is currently second in the majors, his on-base percentage is second in the AL, and his four home runs are tied for the league lead. He also has only struck out two times in 48 plate appearances, the second-lowest strikeout rate in the majors behind Nick Lopez. He was last year’s best strikeout-free rate, at 13.7%, in the last season.

The Indians have not used Ramirez at second base in recent years, but he has shown some versatility in his defensive positions. He can play second base and third base, and he’s also capable of stealing bases. While he hasn’t started at second base, he’s been the Indians’ most consistent defender at the position, and he has already reached the milestone twice.

Cleveland has lost four of their last six games. After winning seven of eight games, Cleveland has a three-game losing streak and sits three games out of the wild-card race. The Indians’ batting average is.250, which ranks sixth in the MLB. They have been led by Ohtani and Jose Ramirez, and are currently four games out of the Wild Card. In this series, both teams need to win three games.

Yasmani Grandal hits diamond

After signing a four-year, $73 million contract with the White Sox in November 2019, Yasmani Grandal has made a slow start to his MLB career. His slash line has a 93 wRC+, but his power numbers are still solid. Grandal has nine RBIs and two home runs. He has also walked 19 times. One of his biggest weaknesses is his ground ball rate, which is 57.1%. Unfortunately, his nagging knee has limited his ability to hit the ball in the air. But a few metrics indicate that Grandal will make up for his slow start in 2021.

The Cuban has great power. His 92 power against lefties and 92 power against righties makes him an elite player. He also has a perfect 99 plate discipline, forcing his opponents to throw strikes. Grandal’s defensive numbers and weekly movement are above average for a catcher. His speed makes him one of the top catchers in the game. His ability to stay at the plate has earned him a spot in the starting lineup.

While he has not yet hit a home run, Grandal commands respect from pitchers. His 99 plate discipline makes him a very difficult outfielder to pitch to. He is also dangerous when the ball hits the strike zone. His 92 power rating against right-handed pitchers is another positive for the White Sox. While his power numbers may not be as impressive as those of his teammates, Grandal is still a valuable piece of the puzzle for his team.

While his xwRC+ against left-handed pitching is not as impressive, Grandal has shown signs of being an elite switch-hitter in baseball. In 2019, he had a 138 wRC+ against left-handed pitching and increased his wRC+ to 146. When left-handed pitchers are on the mound, switch-hitters should rarely sit. In the meantime, his slugging is still way off his career average, but advanced data suggests he can make some gains.