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Rectangular Spillover Spa
Spillover spas can be designed as part of a pool or as a standalone structure. They can be
built at the same level as the pool, raised, or free-form. This article will discuss the different
types of spillover spas available and how to choose one that will fit your needs. Read on to
learn how rectangular spillover spas are different from other types of pools. Here are some
common design elements to consider when choosing a spillover spa.

Spillover spas can be built as part of a pool or as a stand-
alone structure

A spillover spa is a unique and relaxing design element that connects a spa with a swimming
The spa is elevated above the water level of the main pool, so that when the spa fills up,
it spills over the edge and into the pool. This allows the water to cool down and circulate in the
pool. The spa is also a stylish way to connect a hot tub with a pool.
Spillover spas can be built as a part of a pool or standalone structures. Concrete pools can
have a spa above and below the pool. The spa can have a vanishing edge or perimeter
overflow. The options are nearly limitless. Spillover spas can also be built with a raised edge
that prevents them from being damaged by water.
Spillover spas are a great way to add a water feature to your backyard. Many people choose
this option because of its convenience and low cost. Many of these structures are built as
stand-alone structures, making them more affordable than their larger counterparts. You can
incorporate a spillover spa into an existing pool or create a completely new one to use on your
Depending on the size of your property, you may want to incorporate a spillover spa into the
design of your home. If you have a pool, it may be easier to integrate an integrated spa into it.
You can choose any part of the pool to incorporate a spa into. The design is up to you, but the
placement of utilities may limit your options. In addition, the placement of utilities is a crucial
They can be built with the same pool level or elevated
There are two primary options for creating a rectangular spillover spa. You can build the spa
with the same pool level as the pool, or you can elevate it. While either design will look
attractive, it will require more construction and maintenance. Regardless of which option you
choose, you should plan to spend time and money researching all of your options. Rectangular
spillover spas are a good choice if you enjoy the relaxing sensation that comes with being
When building a spillover spa, you have several options. Depending on where you live, you
can choose between an elevated spa and a rectangular spa. Elevated spas are generally built
higher than a traditional spa because they are more expensive to build than a standard one. In
either case, the water from the spa spills over ledges and into the pool. Traditional spillways
create a virtual water feature and cascade effect.
Whether you want an in-ground or raised spa, there are many options for layouts. Rectangular
spas can be either an inground or elevated model. You can also add a spa spillway to give it
an ancient Greek or Roman look. For a more whimsical design, try a lagoon-style spa. This
gives the illusion of an island. A moss rock wall can be placed in front of the spa for a natural
If you have an infinity pool, you can choose an elevated spa design. It will blend into the
background and look like an infinity pool. The design options for this type of spa are nearly
limitless. With so many styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for your
backyard. While it may take more time, it will be worth it in the long run.
They can have multiple spillover cascades

Designed to mimic a waterfall, rectangular spillover spas can have more than one cascade.
Spillways in raised spas create a dramatic water feature. The water falls through funnel-like
slots in a wall, creating a concentrated stream of water flowing into the spa pool below. The
water also cascades into the spa’s pool from a waterfall or multiple, smaller spillways.
The most common type of spa with spillover waterfalls is the infinity spa. An infinity spa is

similar to an infinity pool, but is elevated above the pool. This style is often called a vanishing-
edge or negative-edge pool. This design features many water features, including a waterfall

cascade at the base of a decorative rock wall. A grotto at the top of the pool is a great place to
display multiple cascades. A waterslide winds through the rocks to add another cascade.
They can be free-form or organic in design
Organic shapes are softer and more irregular than geometric shapes. They often have a
flowing, natural appearance that is both pleasing and comforting. In art, landscape, and still
life, organic shapes are popular and are often used to create natural-looking compositions.
Painter Samuel John Peploe often depicted flowers and apples with these irregular, organic
These compositions are also softer and more fluid than geometric shapes, which can
be harsh and difficult to make with precise measurements.
In design, the shape you choose for an object depends on its function. Organic shapes often
have flowing or wavy lines, and convey feelings of lightness, wellness, or tranquility. People
are drawn to organic shapes because they remind them of nature. They also tend to be less
stable than geometric shapes, such as circles. This makes them look unorganized and less
stable than their geometric counterparts, and they foster feelings of fragility.
Organic shapes include leaves, clouds, mountains, and rivers. The former are complex and
can be drawn in any way, while the latter are more abstract. Regardless of their appearance,
organic shapes have many uses, and they can be used to represent abstract ideas. When used
in patterns, these shapes are useful for setting moods, symbolizing ideas, and drawing
attention to specific areas of the design. A good example is an asymmetrical pattern that
resembles a flower.
Organic shapes look natural and appear irregular, yet are also free-form. As the name
suggests, organic shapes are natural. They can look flowing or chaotic, but they are often not
rigid and can be used for abstract interpretations of natural objects. For example, some artists
use geometric shapes to create abstract versions of organic objects. The artist may outline the
organic shapes lightly before filling them in. The resulting compositions will have a natural
look and feel.
They can be any size or shape
A rectangular spillover spa is a classic choice for backyards, but you can also choose a more
modern design with a curving side. Curved sides create a sleek, modern feel, and they can be
as small as one square foot or as large as four square feet. Rectangular shapes are also
available with rounded or inverted corners. They can also be shaped to look more like
classical Roman pools.
Regardless of the size or shape of your backyard, there’s a rectangular spillover spa that will
fit your lifestyle and complement your existing home. Choose a shape based on your budget
and preferences. You can find spillover spas of any shape and size online, in local stores or in
professional design studios. Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll have to decide on the type
of shape that works best for you. Luckily, the best way to choose a shape is to look at as many
photos as you can.
If you’re looking to add drama to your pool, consider elevating the spa. This will increase the
cost of construction, but it opens up a world of design possibilities. Adding iridescent tiles to a
square spa can turn it into a dazzling showpiece. Incorporating the spa into your pool will also
make it look like a separate entity. In ground spas, however, the spa is built level with the
pool. In the latter case, one wall of the pool is the spa wall.
Concrete-made spillover spas are the least expensive and easiest to install. They can use the
same pool’s circulation system, and are often cheaper. A contractor will form them on site. A

rectangular spillover spa can be any size or shape, as long as it’s not too deep or wide. If
you’re looking for something in between, a rectangular spillover spa is the ideal option.

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