Tesla Introduces Its Own $300 Version of Apple’s Canceled AirPower Charger


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Tesla Introduces Its Own $300 Version of Apple’s Canceled AirPower Charger

Tesla has announced its own $300 wireless charging mat that looks very much like Apple’s recently-canceled AirPower charging pad. Both use FreePower technology, a patent-pending method of charging devices by utilizing a magnetic field that allows you to place and slide your device wherever you want.

The AirPower was a multi-device charger that was designed to charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and an AirPods. While this was a cool idea, Apple couldn’t figure out how to make it work.

While the idea sounds cool, the actual technology has been around for a few years. Other companies have used it. For example, the Nomad Base Station Pro uses it. But it also has its quirks. It didn’t support iOS 12 or later, and it had some firmware problems.

While the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is no AirPower, it’s a solid device that works as advertised. The price is high, though. In fact, it’s much more expensive than the average wireless charger. This doesn’t mean that the product is bad; it just means that it won’t reverse its fortunes.

The Wireless Charging Platform is a solid product that’s similar to the Apple AirPower in its ability to charge three Qi-enabled wireless devices at once. It uses 30 coils to provide 15W of fast charging power, and it features a detachable magnetic stand.

However, it’s also important to note that it isn’t compatible with the Apple Watch, which requires a MagSafe charger. Also, it doesn’t support all Qi-certified devices. That’s why it doesn’t have the same capabilities as AirPower.