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The Truth About Tesla Prices

There have been many rumors about Tesla prices, and it is possible that the company may be inflating their advertised price ranges. You should keep these facts in mind when comparing Tesla prices to the advertised ranges. Tesla has been accused of inflating advertised price ranges, but the company has not commented on this claim. The final retail price will vary depending on customizations. Below you will find a list of prices for the most popular Tesla models.

Model Y

The cheapest Tesla Model Y is the Long Range, which runs on electricity and is capable of 314-330 miles. The Model Y Performance trim can go even further, to 303 miles. The Tesla Supercharger network also offers recharging at affordable rates. Both the Long Range and the Performance trims boast an eight-year/120,00-mile battery life. For more information, read our Model Y price guide.

While the price for the base Model Y is still relatively cheap, it’s not as cheap as it used to be. Even the most basic Performance model starts at $67,990, and the top-of-the-line Long Range is $68,990. The company is still offering the Standard Range model for $65,420, but the company has increased the starting price by another $2000. With destination charges, you can expect to pay more than six-figures for a Tesla Model Y.

Model S

Tesla Model S prices have risen a lot since the 2021 refresh. They have now topped $70,000. Listed below are the most recent prices, but they’re subject to change. Always check the Kelley Blue Book value to get an accurate idea of the car’s market value. Tesla prices are based on a variety of factors, so check the details of your car before you make a decision. And remember, these prices do not include taxes.

Tesla Model S prices are starting at $138,990, but if you want to upgrade to Red Multi-Coat paint, you’ll need to pay an extra $4,500. Upgrades like 21″ Arachnid wheels and a Black and White interior cost another $1,000. If you’re on a tight budget, a Model S could still be well within your means. Depending on your preferences, however, you can find one that suits your needs and your budget.

Model X

There are many reasons to purchase a Tesla Model X, including its impressive performance and efficiency. The Model X comes standard with the AutoPilot system, which combines adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and lane departure warning. It also comes with features such as automatic emergency braking, a three-zone automatic climate control system, and a 22-speaker premium audio system. The Model X’s cargo space is generous, even with its five-seat layout. The sleek design also borrows heavily from the Model S sedan, with clean lines and stylish wheel designs.

The Model X also has an extremely large touchscreen infotainment system, which controls many of the features and serves as a gauge cluster. It lacks Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but it still offers excellent entertainment and some control over the features. The Model X does not include a bumper-to-bumper car-care package, so you’ll need to pay extra for a maintenance plan and service plan. Jaguar’s I-Pace, on the other hand, offers a free, scheduled maintenance package.

Model S Plaid

The new Tesla Model S Plaid prices are up to $131,190, but don’t worry, it won’t affect the prices of customers who have already placed their orders. Earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the Model S Plaid+ variant had been canceled. The new price of the Model S Plaid will be $131,190, but it won’t affect customers who have already placed orders.

The Model S Plaid is the current flagship of the Tesla lineup and is the most Tesla-y car yet. The Plaid trim emphasizes speed and power. This car can reach top speeds of over one hundred miles per hour. The vehicle also comes equipped with Tesla’s award-winning Autopilot system. This makes the Model S Plaid the fastest production car available on the market. It costs over $130,000, but it is well worth the extra money.

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