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When you are getting your nails done, there are a few choices to consider. Some people prefer to get a design that is simple, while others opt for a pattern that is intricate. There are several different options you can choose from, such as checkered, marbled, angel, and even pastels.

Baby blue

A baby blue nail design is one of the hottest nail trends for spring and summer. This color looks great on all skin tones. It also has a soft tone, making it a great option for less intense nail designs.

Baby blue nails can be paired with many other colors and styles. They’re ideal for everyday wear or for holidays, where you can show off your playful side.

Another trending nail style is asymmetrical tips. You can create asymmetrical tips by using tape or by applying a dip powder. Then, you can decorate your nails with rhinestones to add glam to the look.


Whether you’re looking to create a fun design or have a special occasion to celebrate, pastel nails are the way to go. They’re cute, whimsical and easy to do, so you can get them in your bag and on your fingertips at any time.

Pastel colors were popular in the Rococo era of France. During the 19th century, they were used in impressionistic portraits. These days, they’re also associated with Mother’s Day, Easter and the spring season.

Pastel manicures look great on most skin tones, but are particularly flattering on those with pale complexions. The pastel color range works with a wide variety of nail shapes.


Checkered nails are one of the most popular nail art trends in the past few years. They’re fun, creative, and can be done with a variety of nail polish colors. Whether you want to be bold or subtle, checkered nails can be a way to show off your personality.

The best part about checkered nail designs is that they are easy to do. You can create the look in a matter of minutes. With just a few tools, you’re able to do a simple checkerboard design on any of your nails. In addition to being a cool looking design, checkered nails can also last for days.


Marbled nails are one of the hottest nail trends of the moment. Not only do they look amazing, but they’re also easy to create. They can be both bold and subtle, and can be worn in any season.

The marbled effect is created by swirling a few shades of polish together. There are different ways to achieve this, from using a dotting tool to using a brush.

In order to make this nail design work, you’ll need a base coat. Next, you’ll want to add a top coat to seal in the shine. You can also add some gold crystals to give the manicure a touch of sparkle.


Coffin nails are a fun nail design that can be easily achieved by applying striping tape and a touch up brush. They can be short or long, with or without claws, and come in a wide variety of colors. You can also add diamonds or glitter.

Coffin nail designs can be elegant, if you go for a splurge, or simple and playful, if you stick to the basics. The key to achieving the perfect coffin nail is to know what you want and where to put the effort.

For a glam, sparkly look, try the ombre coffin nail design. This design uses a pink and yellow color scheme to create a sunset on your nails. A pearly white accent will complement the look.

Star constellations

Star constellations are among the most popular nail designs. It is a simple yet beautiful design that is a show-stopper. You can use a variety of different colors and textures to create the best look.

A great way to achieve the perfect star design is to start with a multi-colored nail pattern. For a more artistic touch, add glitter and jewels to the nail.

You can also create a simple yet elegant nail art with a solid color base. To get the perfect finish, use stencils, stickers, or an organic painting method.

Angel nails

Angel nails can be a fun way to express your personality. They can range from simple decals to three-dimensional designs. However, it’s important to choose a nail shape that will suit your personal taste. For example, you can create a chic French manicure with a long, oval nail.

To keep the design simple, consider adding white dots to each nail. If you want to add some extra sparkle, add a clear glitter polish. Then, try experimenting with different placements and color combinations.

You can also use angel stickers to create your dreamy look. Combine these with cute cloud artwork, tiny hearts, or rhinestones to add a special touch.